Saturday, October 15, 2011

Candy-Coated Bacon

This is an original recipe I created a few months ago. This recipe combines two of my favorite ingredients that are equally delicious on their own, but together make a surprisingly tasty snack. The crunchy bacon, covered with the chocolate and M&M's mixed together make a salty sweet desert. This desert isn't calorie conscious and is best served with any juice or soft drink.

-4 slices, Oscar Meyer thick cut bacon
-1 cup, Baker's chocolate chunks
-1 bag, plain M&M's
-Wooden skewer sticks

Directions: 1)Place bacon strips flat in frying pan. 2)When bacon has cooked, quickly slide bacon on to wooden skewer sticks. 3)Bring 3cups of water to a boil. 4)Pour 1cup of chocolate chunks into glass bowl and set in boiling pan. 5)Stir continually until chocolate is fully melted and smooth.6)Poor chocolate over bacon. 7) Place M&M's on top of chocolate while it is still warm. 8) Place in refrigerator for 30mins or until chocolate hardens.

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