Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Guiso De Pollo

This favorite meal of mine is prepared by mom during a regular day in the week. This meal is very known in my the country from which I come from, Bolivia. Luckily my mom's great chef skills brought this recipe from over to there to here! Even though I would like for her to cook it more often I was lucky enough for her to cook it this week and I helped her in the process. 

Granola Oil 
Chicken legs 
Sazon Goya (no salt)

  1.  Add 1 Cup and half of boiled water in big pan (add a little pepper & salt)
  2. Add sliced tomato's, peppers, onions, and garlic 
  3. Add Sason Goya to add a little flavor and give it color
  4. Wait 15 minutes
  5. Wash the chicken legs and add them to the pan 
  6. Add washed potato's and celery to the pan
  7. Wait until the potato is soft to eat  
  1. Add a little bit of Granola Oil to the pan 
  2. Add 2 cups of rice 
  3. Move the rice for 5 minutes until it turns a golden and so it cannot get burnt 
  4. For 2 cups of rice it's 4 cups of boiled water
  5. Add desired salt 
  6. Cover the pan and move the temperature from 9 degrees to 3 degrees
  7. Take out when the rice starts bubbling
  1. Slice up some tomato's and onions 
  2. Get a bowl add a little of Granola Oil 
  3. Mix it up and..

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Little Piece Of HEAVEN.

Moms famous Sunday-Funday Yummy Dish.
  This delicious food was made by my mother. The Lasagna cupcakes are my new favorite dish! Its so yummy and its a must try! My mom wanted to try something new for Sunday fun day's at my house. She asked me for my help to make them and I have to say that they came out AMAZING!

- Ground beef (any kind)
-Wanton wrappers
-Ricotta cheese, Supremo Italian
-Polly-o mozzarella cheese
-Goya adobo (for ground beef)
-Sazon goya (for ground beef)
-Tomato sauce (for ground beef)
-Garlic (for ground beef) *Optional*

1. Cook ground beef and season your meat the way you would like.
2. Prepare baking pan with the wanton wrappers
3. Apply the ground beef (not to much beef, it will be to stuffed)
4.Cover meat with as much Polly-o cheese you want.(extra cheesy for example)
5.Apply a spoon filled with Ricotta Cheese.
6. Tomato sauce (final)
7. Pre-heat oven at 350' (wait till it beeps)
8. Place the baking pan into the oven and let it cook for 15-20 min. (be aware, don't want it to burn)
9.Take out baking pan
10. Put on plate & Enjoy!!

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Audrey's Dinner for Monday

This recipe is a meal prepared by my mom. She often makes this meal when she is in the mood for a simple Monday night dinner. The balance of chicken, rice and salad help satisfy and end a long day after work or school.

- (5-6) pieces of Chicken (breast, thighs, or wings)
-1 cup of Flour
-2 teaspoons of Goya Adobo seasoning (for chicken)
-1 cup of Olive Oil (for chicken)
-1 cup of brown rice
-1 cup of water (for rice)
-1 Onion
-1 Tomato
-1 Red and 1 Orange Pepper
-1 Cucumber
-1 bundle of Lettuce

1) First Pre-heat one Pot with 1 cup of Olive Oil on medium heat and one pot with 1 cup of water. 2) Then combine dry mixes Flour &Goya Adobo seasoning together. 2) While the pot is heating up with oil prepare your chicken by coating each piece with enough of the dry mix on both sides. 3) In the separate pot with water add 1 cup of rice and let it come to a boil and then let simmer for about 8-10 minutes. 4) Then add 2-3 pieces of powdered chicken into heated oil and let fry for about 5-8 minutes until skin turns to a crispy brown color. 5) While rice and chicken cook wash and chop vegetables for salad. 6) Turn off both fries on pots. 7) Remove fried chicken onto a damp paper towel to soak up all leftover grease from frying. 8) Then mix and stir rice with a fork. 9) Put together salad with its chopped lettuce and vegetables. 10) Set your proportion for how much chicken, rice and salad you want.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mayim's Homemade Sushi

I made a selection of the Sushi recipe to make because it's very simple but yet very creative. It's creative because you are able to make your own style out of it and design it on your own. Not only does it look creative, but it taste delicious as well. The Sushi dish would be great for people that are not a big fan of cooking for a long time. The only thing you have to cook is the rice, which is very simple. I mean, if you want to eat something that's not a big meal but it would still fill you up, the Sushi would be a perfect dish for you. 

-Salmon with the skin off
-Seaweeds for Sushi (Any brand)
-Sushi Rice (Any brand)
-Avocado (Make sure its ready and not hard)
-Frozen Crab Sticks/Meat

1.) Cook the rice, put vinegar, and mix it. Then wait a little while until the rice gets cold.
 2.) Slice the cucumbers, Crab meat, avocado, and salmon in long pieces.
3.) Put the rice on top of the Seaweed and press it down until its flat on the seaweed paper. 
4.) Then place the sliced up avocado, salmon, cucumbers, and crab meat on top of it and decided how you would want to design it. 
5.) Roll the seaweed up along with what's inside and while rolling it, you are pressing it down so they are able to all stick together. 
6.) After rolling it, you cut it into little pieces and you decide how long you want it to be cut.
7.) Place it on the plate and be creative with how you want it to be placed.
8.) ENJOY!


Alex's Chicken Cordon Bleu

I selected this Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe because it is one of my favorite family dishes. I originally  got the idea from my father. My father made his own version of the Chicken Cordon Bleu which tastes amazing and he only makes it on very rare occasions. He makes this dish when we have a special guests over that we haven't seen for some time, usually friends of the family. I haven't had this dish in a long time and I've never really cooked anything like this before, so for this project I decided to ask my dad to supervise the process to make sure I completed everything properly. With some pointers from my father I gathered all the ingredients and made a great tasting Chicken Cordon Bleu for the family. Heres how it was done. 

                     4 skinless and boneless chicken breasts
                     4 thin slices of prosciutto di parma
                     8 medium size leaves of spinach
                     4 long strips of cut mozzarella cheese
                     2 eggs
                     1 cup of breadcrumbs
                     1 1/2 cup of olive oil (NOT extra virgin)
                     salt and black pepper

 Cooking Instructions:  

1) Clean the chicken breasts thoroughly
2) Butterfly the chicken breasts
3) Tenderize the chicken breast for faster cooking
4) Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the breasts
5) Place the prosciutto on the end of the chicken breast
6) Then place 1-2 leaves of spinach across the breast on top of the prosciutto
7) Then add the a strip of mozzarella cheese on top of the spinach
8) Then tightly roll the chicken breast from the bottom up to the top
9) Scramble the 2 eggs in a bowl (add seasoning as desired)
10) Dip the rolled chicken breast into the egg mixture
11) Then roll the chicken once again in the breadcrumbs making sure to cover it completely
12) Then pour the 1 1/2 cup of olive oil into a frypan and turn up the stove to high medium heat
13) Carefully place the breaded chicken into the frying pan
14) Cook thoroughly (est. time 15-20 minutes)
15) Be sure to turn over chicken every few minutes to make sure all sides are cooked well
16) When completed, slice the chicken into 6 or 7 pieces and serve
17) Enjoy!             

These are the ingredients needed

 Cutting the chicken butterfly style 

After adding the salt and black pepper then add the ham, spinach and cheese
Rolling the chicken in the breadcrumbs 

 The chicken is being fried in olive oil 

This is the final result: awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu!    :) 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Top Ramen David style

             So for this recipe I've decided to choose and cook the very simple yet enjoyable Top Ramen Noodles, except adding my own flavor and extra ingredients to my noodles soup. I decided to go with beef flavored ramen for this document. The reason I picked ramen for this is because believe it or not there's meaning behind it. Ever since I started watching anime years ago and to this day I couldn't help but fall in love with ramen. This was due to the fact that in the mainstream anime "naruto" or any other anime its a popular dish that's always prepared. So i saw this and started to make my self two packets of ramen for every episode of anime i watch if i were hungry. It just felt right and not only that satisfied my hunger for a few hours until i was ready for a heavier dish. A good beverage to have with Ramen is some nice soothing Green or chamomile tea with honey, followed by a nice cold glass of water because you will be sweating from how hot a meal like this can make you.

 First I boil water in a pot and wait until it's nice and hot to throw the noodles squares in it. Once the noodles are nice and broken up from the boiling water you add the seasoning. Now i just don't make your average everyday top ramen with just the flavor packet because that's just plain boring! My ingredients consist of : the obvious flavor packet, black pepper, garlic powder, adobo seasoning, oregano, and tobasco hot sauce. All of this adds a rich flavor to not only the noodles but the broth. Now that's just the flavoring. To compliment the noodles I thinly slice up Vienna Sausages straight out of the can into the pot so they can absorb the broth for flavor. I then boil one or two eggs in a separate pot then put it to the side while i peel it and add it to the dish when its done. Viola! You have yourself some top ramen with a variety of seasonings with sausages and an egg. You can make this if you're sick, cold or while you watch your favorite program.