Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Eat Jaws: Fried Shark by Justyn Richardson

Sharks are known to live in warmer waters, so places like the West Indies, and in Florida, Australia, Hawaii are known to have them. In the West Indies however one of the few places known to eat sharks. Here is a recipe that can work for almost every type of shark including “Jaws” the famed white shark. The best shark to cook is the white shark. This recipe is a tradition that is been popular in every family in Trinidad and Tobago, where I am from this has been cooked in many family events, Sunday dinner, or for a holiday. It has been passed down from generation to generation and I am no exception to this. I have enjoyed this dish for all twenty-one years of my life and it means as much to me to cook as it is to eat it is my favorite dish and it is one of the first dishes I was thought by both my grandmother and my mother.  Fried shark can be eaten with plain rice (white rice), fried rice, or even with French fries. To drink fried shark is good with a glass of wine white or red, sparkling wine or juice, or even a tall glass( or bottle)  of beer for kids it goes well with soda ( all kinds) , juice (which ever you like). This is a very vise tile dish and can be used under every occasion. A little known fact about shark and other fish it is a good source of Omega-3 which is good for your brain and taste good too.
Ingredients list:
1.  Shark of your choice (get shark skinned and sliced by your local fish market due to the skin of shark is very rough and may cut skin)
2.  lemon juice
3.1 size appropriate bowl to place shark in when cut.
4. 1 size appropriate plate to place shark when done seasoned.
5. 1 size appropriate plate to place shark when done fried.
6. 1 role of Paper towel
7.  1 Fork
8.  Vegetable oil
9. Iodized salt
10. Black pepper
11. Seasoned Salt
12. Adobo
13. Granulated Garlic
14. Fish Fry

Cooking Instructions: Note number of pieces of sharks may call for more or less of these ingredients.
Step 1: remove pieces of shark and place in the cooking bowl.
Step 2: Rinse pieces of shark under warm water and
Step 3: cut lemon in half and carefully sprinkle on all the shark pieces
Step 4: add 1 tea spoon of Iodized salt
Step 5: add 1 tea spoon of Black pepper
Step 6: add 1 tea spoon of Seasoned Salt
Step 7: add 1 tea spoon of Adobo
Step 8: add 1 tea spoon of Granulated Garlic
Step 9: then when steps 4-8 are completed mix with hands until ingredients are settled into the shark
Step 10: get sizable plate and poor fish fry into plate the more the better
Step 11: take pieces of shark and sprinkle fish fry on the shark and make sure to get both sides ‘t and don’t be shy to use a lot of fish fry.
Step 12: get frying pan and poor vegetable oil until the oil reaches halfway point in the pan.
Step 13: then set to medium and pre heat for 2-3 minutes
Step 14: when ready place pieces of shark in pan and wait 3 minutes then turn shark to other side using a fork and wait 3 minutes
Step 15: when shark is cooked turn off pan and place 2 sheets of paper towel over the size appropriate plate and place shark on top of paper towel
Step: 16 wait 2-3 minutes to cool
Step 17: Enjoy!!!!  

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  1. I really like the title of your blog--what a great way to get back at the monster!