Monday, October 28, 2013

Alex's Chicken Cordon Bleu

I selected this Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe because it is one of my favorite family dishes. I originally  got the idea from my father. My father made his own version of the Chicken Cordon Bleu which tastes amazing and he only makes it on very rare occasions. He makes this dish when we have a special guests over that we haven't seen for some time, usually friends of the family. I haven't had this dish in a long time and I've never really cooked anything like this before, so for this project I decided to ask my dad to supervise the process to make sure I completed everything properly. With some pointers from my father I gathered all the ingredients and made a great tasting Chicken Cordon Bleu for the family. Heres how it was done. 

                     4 skinless and boneless chicken breasts
                     4 thin slices of prosciutto di parma
                     8 medium size leaves of spinach
                     4 long strips of cut mozzarella cheese
                     2 eggs
                     1 cup of breadcrumbs
                     1 1/2 cup of olive oil (NOT extra virgin)
                     salt and black pepper

 Cooking Instructions:  

1) Clean the chicken breasts thoroughly
2) Butterfly the chicken breasts
3) Tenderize the chicken breast for faster cooking
4) Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the breasts
5) Place the prosciutto on the end of the chicken breast
6) Then place 1-2 leaves of spinach across the breast on top of the prosciutto
7) Then add the a strip of mozzarella cheese on top of the spinach
8) Then tightly roll the chicken breast from the bottom up to the top
9) Scramble the 2 eggs in a bowl (add seasoning as desired)
10) Dip the rolled chicken breast into the egg mixture
11) Then roll the chicken once again in the breadcrumbs making sure to cover it completely
12) Then pour the 1 1/2 cup of olive oil into a frypan and turn up the stove to high medium heat
13) Carefully place the breaded chicken into the frying pan
14) Cook thoroughly (est. time 15-20 minutes)
15) Be sure to turn over chicken every few minutes to make sure all sides are cooked well
16) When completed, slice the chicken into 6 or 7 pieces and serve
17) Enjoy!             

These are the ingredients needed

 Cutting the chicken butterfly style 

After adding the salt and black pepper then add the ham, spinach and cheese
Rolling the chicken in the breadcrumbs 

 The chicken is being fried in olive oil 

This is the final result: awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu!    :) 

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