Friday, October 25, 2013

Top Ramen David style

             So for this recipe I've decided to choose and cook the very simple yet enjoyable Top Ramen Noodles, except adding my own flavor and extra ingredients to my noodles soup. I decided to go with beef flavored ramen for this document. The reason I picked ramen for this is because believe it or not there's meaning behind it. Ever since I started watching anime years ago and to this day I couldn't help but fall in love with ramen. This was due to the fact that in the mainstream anime "naruto" or any other anime its a popular dish that's always prepared. So i saw this and started to make my self two packets of ramen for every episode of anime i watch if i were hungry. It just felt right and not only that satisfied my hunger for a few hours until i was ready for a heavier dish. A good beverage to have with Ramen is some nice soothing Green or chamomile tea with honey, followed by a nice cold glass of water because you will be sweating from how hot a meal like this can make you.

 First I boil water in a pot and wait until it's nice and hot to throw the noodles squares in it. Once the noodles are nice and broken up from the boiling water you add the seasoning. Now i just don't make your average everyday top ramen with just the flavor packet because that's just plain boring! My ingredients consist of : the obvious flavor packet, black pepper, garlic powder, adobo seasoning, oregano, and tobasco hot sauce. All of this adds a rich flavor to not only the noodles but the broth. Now that's just the flavoring. To compliment the noodles I thinly slice up Vienna Sausages straight out of the can into the pot so they can absorb the broth for flavor. I then boil one or two eggs in a separate pot then put it to the side while i peel it and add it to the dish when its done. Viola! You have yourself some top ramen with a variety of seasonings with sausages and an egg. You can make this if you're sick, cold or while you watch your favorite program.


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