Monday, October 28, 2013

Mayim's Homemade Sushi

I made a selection of the Sushi recipe to make because it's very simple but yet very creative. It's creative because you are able to make your own style out of it and design it on your own. Not only does it look creative, but it taste delicious as well. The Sushi dish would be great for people that are not a big fan of cooking for a long time. The only thing you have to cook is the rice, which is very simple. I mean, if you want to eat something that's not a big meal but it would still fill you up, the Sushi would be a perfect dish for you. 

-Salmon with the skin off
-Seaweeds for Sushi (Any brand)
-Sushi Rice (Any brand)
-Avocado (Make sure its ready and not hard)
-Frozen Crab Sticks/Meat

1.) Cook the rice, put vinegar, and mix it. Then wait a little while until the rice gets cold.
 2.) Slice the cucumbers, Crab meat, avocado, and salmon in long pieces.
3.) Put the rice on top of the Seaweed and press it down until its flat on the seaweed paper. 
4.) Then place the sliced up avocado, salmon, cucumbers, and crab meat on top of it and decided how you would want to design it. 
5.) Roll the seaweed up along with what's inside and while rolling it, you are pressing it down so they are able to all stick together. 
6.) After rolling it, you cut it into little pieces and you decide how long you want it to be cut.
7.) Place it on the plate and be creative with how you want it to be placed.
8.) ENJOY!


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