Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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Little Piece Of HEAVEN.

Moms famous Sunday-Funday Yummy Dish.
  This delicious food was made by my mother. The Lasagna cupcakes are my new favorite dish! Its so yummy and its a must try! My mom wanted to try something new for Sunday fun day's at my house. She asked me for my help to make them and I have to say that they came out AMAZING!

- Ground beef (any kind)
-Wanton wrappers
-Ricotta cheese, Supremo Italian
-Polly-o mozzarella cheese
-Goya adobo (for ground beef)
-Sazon goya (for ground beef)
-Tomato sauce (for ground beef)
-Garlic (for ground beef) *Optional*

1. Cook ground beef and season your meat the way you would like.
2. Prepare baking pan with the wanton wrappers
3. Apply the ground beef (not to much beef, it will be to stuffed)
4.Cover meat with as much Polly-o cheese you want.(extra cheesy for example)
5.Apply a spoon filled with Ricotta Cheese.
6. Tomato sauce (final)
7. Pre-heat oven at 350' (wait till it beeps)
8. Place the baking pan into the oven and let it cook for 15-20 min. (be aware, don't want it to burn)
9.Take out baking pan
10. Put on plate & Enjoy!!

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