Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coconut Chocolate Balls

Feeling for chocolate? Don't want an ordinary chocolate bar? Got your solution. Coconut Chocolate Balls! I make these before I watch a movie or before I play video games. Great for party desserts too. Easy to make and delicious if done right.


Tea Biscuits/Graham Crackers
Milk and Dark Chocolate
Shredded Coconut 


1. Melt and spread the butter in a pot.

2. Add the chocolate pieces and pour milk. Stir till melted into a liquid state.

3. Crush crackers.

4. Mix crushed crackers and melted chocolate together. Then leave out to dry.

5. Roll mix into small balls. Then roll the chocolate balls in some shredded coconut and there you have it! Coconut Chocolate Balls! Enjoy.

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