Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Confused Omelette

What I made I'm going to call a "Confused Omelette".  This particular type of omelette is "confused" because, rather than being peppers within eggs, it is eggs within peppers.  It is also confused because there is no cheese.  I randomly saw a picture of something like this on a recipe website a while back, and that served as inspiration.  Besides for that I pretty much improvised this dish.

-an onion
-a red bell pepper
-three eggs
-coconut oil (because its healthy)
-ground pepper

1.) Chop pepper three times so that you have three circular rings.  Chop up a little more of the pepper into minced pieces for a garnish.
2.) Chop up some onion into minced pieces for a garnish.
3.) Whip up the eggs and a splash of milk into a bowl as if you're making scrambled eggs.
4.) Fry minced onion and minced pepper until onions are browned.  Put off to the side.
5.) Dip one side of the bell pepper ring into the liquid eggs and put on frying pan so as to seal in the bottom to prevent leaking.
6.) Pour liquid eggs into the bell pepper ring.  Allow eggs cook completely.
7.) Take off of pan.  Add the minced onions and peppers as a garnish along with salt and pepper.
8.) ENJOY!!!

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