Monday, November 4, 2013

Katherine Barzola Culinary Design

 Parmesan-Crusted Chicken w/ Pasta

   This is one of my favorite dishes to make on family gatherings (which are every sunday's). I love chicken but not plain I like to add different things to spice it up. My mother loves to cook and create different plates. Although Im not Italian I love making this dish with my mom. This time that we cook also my mom and I bond. I love this dish and its taste EXQUISITE.

- Chicken breast (as many as you want)
- Thin Spaghetti
- Mozzarella cheese
- Mushrooms
- Prego Italian sauce (tomato sauce)
- 3 eggs
- Bread crumbs
       1. Prepare the pan to boil water for spaghetti, pour the spaghetti into 
            the  pan, let it boil until soft, then take it out and put on a plate until later
        2. Pour the pasta sauce into a pan, add a pinch of pepper, let it cook
             for about 10 min ( medium heat), pour it on a bowl until later
        3.Take out the chicken breast clean it,cut the breast in half
        4. Scramble 3 eggs and place it on a bowl
        5. Pour about 1 cup of bread crumbs on a flat plate
        6. Grab chicken breast and dip it onto the beated egg, then place the
          chicken breast onto the bread crumbs until its covered ( Repeat the procees until    all breast are done)
        7.Fry the chicken until all are done, then place the chicken breast onto
              a silver metal plate , place the cut up cheese on each one, place the plate
               in the oven with 340 degrees, leave it until cheese is melted
          8. Take out the chicken and place it to cool down ( about 1 min)
          9. Grab some mushrooms and cook them with water until they are soft
            then place it on the side until its ready to serve
                         10. Now its ready to be served. ENJOY!

The Ingredients


The spaghetti cooking
The Pasta sauce boiling
The chicken marinated and ready to be fried
The chicken getting cooked
The chicken w/ mozzarella cheese about to be out in oven
The final product

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