Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lizette Ramirez Culinary Design

            Kluay Baut Chee

 This is a sweet dessert from Thailand that satisfies anyone with a sweet tooth! This dessert was first introduced to me by a good friend of mine and since then it's become one of my favorites. This dessert is simple to make and is great for anyone who likes trying cuisine from different countries. This can be great for family gatherings or if you just want a sweet snack at home.

-3 bananas
-1 can of coconut milk
-3/4 cup of sugar
-1 tsp of salt

*Serves 4 


1. First start off buy cutting the bananas vertically into six pieces.
2. Then set the stove to medium heat and pour the coconut milk into the pan
3. Once the coconut milk begins to boil, add the sugar and stir,
4. Add the salt and stir,
5. Add the cut banana slices and wait about 2 minutes until the bananas soften
6. Let the dessert chill
7. Plate it and enjoy!




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