Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I chose naleśniki because it is a food that my mom has always made since I was a little girl. Naleśniki is the only food I was actually interested in making because I just don't like cooking. Naleśniki bring out so many good memories from childhood, they are usually eaten during "kolacja" which translates to dinner or supper but actually it is another meal, eaten often after dinner around night time. This was considered the "family time" since supper was eaten individually and in the early afternoon. Naleśniki don't have to be made with strawberries only, any other fruits or other ingredients such as cheese can be added inside. It is simple to make and very delicious !

(1) oil
(2) milk
(3) egg
(4) flour 
(5) sugar
(6) seltzer water
(7) strawberries 
(8) whipped cream

Cooking instructions: 
(1) Get all your ingredients and utensils you will need. 
(2) Pour about 2 cups of flour, 
1 cup of milk, 
half a cup of seltzer water,
little bit of oil, 
and 1 egg into a bowl or pan
*Mix together until its a pure liquid. 
(3) Prepare your pan (heat it up).
(4) Pour the liquid onto the pan and make pancakes.
(5) Wash strawberries and cut off the green part (leaf and stem). 
(6) Put the strawberries in a bowl and squish them. 
*Don't forget to add some sugar.
(7) Pour some of the strawberries onto the pancake then roll the package up. 
(8) Prepare your pan once again (heat up and add some oil).
(9) Place the naleśniki on the pan and heat them up until the outside turns a light brown.
(10) Add some whipped cream and YUM. 

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