Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project #4: Culinary Design MANGU! Marlenes


Mangu is a traditional dish from the Dominican
Republic. The Mangu is made with plantains and after
the plantains are mashed up we add some flavor. To
make the Mangu have a good taste you can add onions peppers
or even salami as an option. The sauteed onions and peppers add a touch
to the Mangu towards the end.

-A teaspoon of salt for the plantains
- plantains
- onions/peppers
- A small amount of salt for the sauteed onions/peppers
 -A cilantro

1) Peel plantains, boil them in water
2)Add a small amount of salt with a teaspoon into the water-Let it boil for 20 min until the platains are tender
3)Peel the onions and peppers
4) Take out a separate pan for the onions/peppers - add a bit of oil/ a bit of salt, FRY IT!
5) Take out plantains from water and mash them with a fork
6 ) Mix the sauteed onions/peppers with the MANGU! DONE :) ENJOY!

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