Monday, May 14, 2012

Darren's Roti w/ Curry Chicken( Caribbean Style)

  This recipe is actually a favorite of mines. Its one my Mother makes which she learned from her mother and I'm trying to learn too. Also, its a quite popular dish amongst West Indian and Caribbean culture. It's usually eaten like a taco or burrito, but can be eaten in various ways. I call it the Caribbean burrito.

 1/2lb Flour
1/2 lb Chicken
 Curry Powder
 1 rolling pin
  Water (varied)
 Medium bowl


1. First you pour your flour into the bowl, then you add the water (the amount you need is varied) and as you are adding it, use your hands to mix them together until the flour becomes thick (if it is too soft then add some more water until it gets thick).

2, After you mix your flour you will need to cut up your chicken and seasoned it. If it is already cut up then you will just need to add the seasoning. Next, add your chicken to a cooking pan and put the fire on low to let it steam.

3. Back to your flour. Take a small portion of the flour and roll it in to a ball (baseball size is perfect). Then, you take your rolling pin (if you do not have one then you can use a large size glass bottle) and roll out the flour ball in to a circle. Add it to the skillet( Do not add a large amount of oil to the skillet, 1 tbsp is perfect). Flip it once it starts to brown and once both sides are brown it is done.

4. After your chicken has steamed you will need to add a half ounce of cooking oil to the pot. After that you will need to add the curry powder. Once the oil starts to simmer, you will then need to add about a half cup of water and add your potato then cover it down. You will know it is done when your potato gets soft.

5. Enjoy :)

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