Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Food Art 1105" Projext 4

I decided to prepare this dish because it is one of my favorite dishes. Especially since I love seafood and shrimp is my favorite. It is a very traditional plate in South America. It is very easy and quick to prepare.  It can be served with rice or alone. I hope who ever decides to try this enjoys it as much as I do.

1.     2 lbs of Shrimp
2.     2 large Onions
3.     6 Lemons
4.     1 bunch of Cilantro
5.     2 lbs Tomatoes
6.     Salt to taste
7.     Pepper to taste
8.     ¼ cup of Oil
1.     First wash and clean the shrimps. After washing the shrimp place it in a pot with water and let it boil until the shrimps are cooked.
2.     Cut the onions in slices and wash them after.
3.     Cut the tomatoes into small slices.
4.     wash the bunch of cilantro and chop it after washing.
5.     Squeeze all 6 lemons (can use more if desired).
6.     Grab a big pot or container and place the shrimps after they have been cooked.
7.     Than mix the shrimps, onions, cilantro, tomatoes all together.
8.     Than mix in the oil and lemon juice after add salt and pepper to taste


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