Friday, May 4, 2012

Yuanzheng’s favorite food-Fried Bean Curd

I choose this recipe because it’s one of my favorite. I am going to use fried bean curd that is often used in Chinese traditional food. You may find it in Chinese submarkets. Actually, fried bean curd belongs to bean products that benefit people’s health. Consequently, I can say that this recipe is good at taste and nutrition. I usually cook it once a week because it is also the most popular food among my families.

-1 lb. Chicken
-1 Ib. Fried bean Curd
-1 egg
-several green onion
-cooking wine
-soy sauce
-gourmet powder

1.       Mince the chicken and the green onion.
2.       Mix chopped chicken with a little cooking wine, whisked egg, salt, gourmet powder and green onion.
3.       Hollow the fried bean curd
4.       Fill the hollow with stuffing
5.       Place fried bean curd on steamer.
6.       Steam for 8-10 minutes.
7.    Cut Broccoli into small piece, boil and set it on a plate.

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