Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seco de Pollo

 Seco de Pollo is a traditional peruvian dish.  This is one of my favorite dishes from my country. I chose it because everytime i go visit there, as a welcome they make me that. Also my mother always makes this dish and it taste delicious. I recommend everyone to try it and there will be no regrets. It is also available in Peruvian restaurants here in Newyork like Pio Pio and La casa del pollo peruano.


-1 onion
-Ajo Molido
-Goya Seasoning
-Chicha de Jora
-Kitchen Wine
-Culantro or Bonnie plants
-5 or 6 pieces of Chicken
-a quarter of Rice
-A cup of water
-Aji amarillo
-3 pieces of potato
-small pieces of peas
First have the rice prepared

Cut the onion into small pieces

Fry the small pieces of onion on a medium size pot and add a spoon of Ajo molido

While mixing the onion and the ajo molido add a bit of Goya seasoning and keep mixing

Then use a blender and blend a small amount of culantro, a cup of chicha modara, a cup of kitchen wine and aji amarillo.

After it is blend it will come out in a green color and u add that liquid to the frying pot.

Then the liquid you mix it with the onions and other ingredients in the frying pot.

While that's mixing, you start cutting the pieces of chicken and then add them to the pot with the seasoning.

Also add the 3 pieces of potato and the green peas to the pot.

Then the chicken starts mixing with seasoning and the potato and you let it stay there until it gets done.

If you don't see as much liquid you add a glass of water to the pot.

After 10-15 minutes the chicken will be cooked and you serve it with some nice rice to a side. :)


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