Friday, May 18, 2012

food art 1067

New Orleans Style Shrimp Po Boy

Below I will give detail on how to make the traditional and popular Po Boy sandwich, originated in southern Louisiana. My background and family are all from Louisiana and we grew up eating these sandwiches on a weekly basis. My personal favorite is the shrimp po boy. Other pastime favorite (I no longer eat this for vegetarian reasons lol) was the roast beef and hot sausage sandwich. Family and culture tradition since the late 1800s.

French Bread (baguette)
½ or 1lb of raw shrimp (cleaned and peeled)
Louisiana Shrimp Fry
Vegetable or Olive oil
Iceberg Lettuce
Tomato (optional)
Pepper (optional)

Cooking Instructions
Soak and defrost frozen shrimp
Next peel shrimp when defrosted if not already peeled, butterfly the shrimp if desired
Prepare Louisiana Shrimp fry batter in a medium bowl with a top to cover (for shaking purposes)
Preheat oil in medium or large frying pan (add enough oil to cover bottom of pan and add a little more)
Add peeled shrimp to batter, cover and shake until all shrimp is fully covered in the batter
Next, add battered shrimp to hot oil, let fry for 3-4 minutes on each side
Cut French bread into 6 inches, dress French bread with mayo, lettuce and/or tomato, pepper
When shrimp are cooked, add to a plate covered with paper napkin, let cool
Last, add warm hot shrimp to dressed sandwich!
Enjoy the flavor :)